The Avocado is King on Cinco de Mayo, But Other Fruits Are Also Stars.

Salsas deserve more of the limelight on Cinco de Mayo. No party on this Mexican holiday is complete without a cast of creative and interesting salsas.


The avocado is the undisputed king of the celebration of Cinco de Mayo. But some other fruit and veggie superstars line the table and the party trays on this most popular Mexican celebration. And we think it’s time they get their due.

In fact, there are probably just as many tomatoes, onions and peppers that get served up on May 5 as there are avocados. Salsas are just as popular as guacamole, and in a proper Cinco party spread there will be three to four versions of these veggie-laden dips.

Most all of those salsa recipes will include those basics, but some of the more flavorful and exciting ones mix in sweet and tangy fruits. Mangoes, watermelon, corn and pineapple are most popular to combine with the savory tomatoes and onions. But creative chefs are making salsas with apples, grapes, peaches, strawberries and even cantaloupe. Nothing is forbidden, and with the right balance of sweet, salty, tart and spicy, these delicious combinations can be so satisfying.

Apple Pie Salsa?! Yes, it’s a real thing!

But some of the salsa recipes we spotted out there will take your taste buds a long way from Mexico. For instance, apple pie salsa? Yes, this is a real thing, but maybe better reserved for your Cinco dessert menu. We also found recipes for butternut squash salsa, blueberry salsa and cranberry salsa. And some people want the dish to immigrate to other countries completely. Example: Parmigiano cheese salsa, soy wasabi salsa and pickled herring salsa! OK, that last one we just thought of because we have some Dutch friends. But why not?! It sounds good to us. Sort of like a Dutch ceviche?


Fruit salsas are all the rage.Here’s a blueberry-pineapple version that’s acutally very savory

It is a marvelous time that we live in with so many varieties of fruits and vegetables available all through the year. New and wonderfully creative dishes can be served up to excite our palates while making us healthy at the same time. We can challenge and reinvent traditions to expand our tastes and open our minds to new fresh produce. Cinco de Mayo is a colorful celebration from a colorful culture and it is an opportunity to serve up some fantastic color in your party dishes.

So if you are serving just guacamole with your chips this year, then you are going to disappoint your guests. No party setting on this day would be complete without at least one fresh salsa on it. And if you really want to dazzle your guests, try 2-3 versions of these refreshing and super healthy dips.


Salsa Recipes from Forkly Website

Fifteen Salsas from the Brit Co Website

55 salsas from Delish

Some More Salsas from Food and Wine



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