Grilled Veggies (And Fruits) Will Put Your July 4th Party Over the Top

Burgers and dogs are the undisputed stars of Fourth of July celebrations. But keep some space on the grill for the beauty and deliciousness of summer’s cornucopia. The color and flavors of grilled fruit and veggies will delight your family and guests.

grilled veggies 5We at Produce Buzz have an agenda. We want you to eat more fresh fruits and veggies. We put the message in front of you through this blog and our social media as often as we can to keep reminding you to add fresh produce to your daily eats. We want you to experience the delight that comes from eating healthy and the fabulous tastes of the cornucopia available to us.

But this week it’s the Fourth of July and we know you are going to be thinking mostly about burgers and hot dogs. Hey, that’s okay! We are too. But as you plan to fire up the grill this holiday, don’t forget how good an array of veggies are alongside those delicious hamburgers.

It’s the perfect time of the year to get your veggie on. So many wonderful fruits and veggies are in season, they are usually much less expensive and the quality is at its best this time of year.

So head to your local grocery store or farmers market and go crazy selecting a colorful collection of fresh fruits and veggies. Take them home, cut them up and marinade them in a little olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper. Then fire up the grill and in just a few minutes you will have a beautiful arrangement of lovely vegetables to complement your other party food favorites.

Take a look at these pics of wonderful grilled veggies that we spied out across the Internet for some great ideas. You will also see in these photos some ideas for the best way to grill them without having them stick or fall through the grill grates.


Happy Fourth and Happy Veggie Grilling!

Chow Hound tells us why we should be grilling fruit and how to do it.

Ten fruits that are great grilled

Here’s a great recipe for a veggies marinade

Tips for perfectly grilled veggies

Food Republic ranks the best veggies for grilling




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