Eat Ten Veggies a Day and Help a Worthy Cause

The New England Produce Council and the newly launched Produce Buzz Website have announced an event designed to challenge people in the produce industry to eat ten fruits and veggies a day.


N4Ten-Logo-18-EAT-TEN-CHANGE“We are facing an ever-increasing health crisis in this country, and we in the produce business have a big part of the solution—fresh fruits and vegetables,” according to Theresa Nolan, president of The Nolan Network and creator of a new event called the N4TEN Challenge. “Most of us in the business know that and we talk the talk, but how many of us are walking the walk? From heart disease to high blood pressure, diabetes to cancer, study after study identifies fresh produce as an antidote.”

The N4TEN Challenge will ask people in the produce business to eat ten fruits and vegetables every day for 30 days. By taking the challenge participants are saying they are “In for Ten” (N4TEN) a day. The event was inspired by the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and designed to prod people who grow, ship and sell fresh fruits and vegetables to lead the way in consuming more fresh produce. Also, like the ALS Challenge, as people participate, they can help a good cause—funding scholarships for people in the produce industry.

Theresa Nolan’s foundation, The Jim and Theresa Nolan Family Foundation, has provided scholarships for families of people working the industry for several years. It has been one of the organization’s core projects. The foundation has given out more than 18 scholarships totaling more than $90,000 during that time. Now the foundation is looking to increase those through the Challenge by getting people who participate to donate to the scholarship fund.

As the idea for the Challenge developed, Theresa began to realize that those working in the produce industry should set the example for people everywhere when it comes to eating more fresh fruits and vegetables.

Theresa found a willing partner to help spread the word and get people involved. The New England Produce Council (NEPC) has been one of the organizations that have distributed the Nolan Foundation scholarships over the past few years and was eager to team up with her to launch the Challenge. The official announcement of the Challenge will be made at the NEPC’s Expo on August 23, 2018.

Laura Sullivan, executive director of the NEPC, agreed with Nolan about the industry’s responsibility for setting the example in healthy eating. “It’s time we produce professionals, practice what we preach,” she said about the goal of the N4TEN challenge. “This challenge coincides nicely with our expo keynote address by Kimberly Gomer from the Pritikin Longevity Center. Her subject will be the health benefits of consuming fruits and vegetables.”

The Challenge will ask people to register by making a small donation to the scholarship funds at whatever level they can afford and then eat ten fruits and vegetables every day for 30 days. The hope is that those taking the challenge will share their experiences while participating to provide inspiration and advice for others who wish to increase fresh produce in their diets. Each person who donates will receive a small reward for their contribution such as a veggie spiralizer, storage container or veggie prep station.

The Challenge will run during the month of October and awards will also be given for individuals who get others to participate. The NEPC has also challenged other fresh produce councils to get involved and encourage their members to take the Challenge. The Nolan Foundation will award the scholarships created by the event through those councils that get involved.

“The NEPC is excited to partner with the Nolan Foundation on the N4TEN Challenge,” Sullivan said. “We look forward to the challenge, and we hope our sister councils will participate in this friendly competition.”

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About the New England Produce Council

The New England Produce Council is a nonprofit trade association serving over 500 members. Members are involved in all sectors of the industry: distribution, production, food service, and retail of fresh fruits and vegetables.

About Produce Buzz

Produce Buzz is the social media platform funded by the James and Theresa Nolan Family Foundation and a gathering place for lovers of fresh fruits and vegetables.


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