About Produce Buzz

Produce Buzz Berries

Produce Buzz is the first Social Media Site dedicated to people who are passionate about everything edible from the vegetable kingdom

5 TO 7 Servings of fruits and vegetables a day will make you:

  • 42% less likely to die from any disease
  • 31% less likely to die from heart disease
  • 25% less likely to die from cancer

BUT ONLY 15% Of Americans eat 5-7 servings of fruits and vegetables a day

The facts above are stunning to anyone who truly loves fresh produce. The Creators of Produce Buzz love fresh produce so much they have never understood why so many people eat so little fresh fruits and vegetables. When one considers that not only is fresh produce so delightful and delicious to eat but it can do so much for one’s health, the puzzle is even more perplexing. The creators of Produce Buzz, Theresa Nolan, Rick Stepp and Edwin Stepp, are siblings who grew up on fruit and vegetable farms and helped their father run a wholesale produce business. When they get together at family reunions the conversation will always include a healthy dose of anecdotes about the world of fresh produce. And if their gathering involves a visit to a grocery store, there is no doubt that most of the time there will be spent poring over the shelves in the produce section. 

Recognizing that the world is facing serious health crises, many of which can be alleviated by eating more fresh, natural foods, they wanted to share their passion for fresh produce and enlist others with the same fanatical appreciation for fruits and vegetables to do the same. Their hope is that passion will become contagious and help reverse modern society’s struggle to stay healthy. Please join them and spread Produce Buzz!


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