How Sweet It Is! Time for Vidalia Onions.

Friday, April 20 is the release date for the 2018 new crop of Vidalia Onions, so Produce Buzz takes this opportunity to peel back some of the layers of this flavorful, bulbous veggie. What do you mean? Onions can have a release date? Can they be like a new iPhone or a rock band’s latest... Continue Reading →


Lost in the Desert: Nutritionists and Fresh Produce Professionals Discuss How to Get More People to Eat Healthy

Two hundred and forty dieticians, fresh produce farmers and shippers descended upon the desert of Scottsdale, Arizona last week to talk about how to convince you to save your life. They are perplexed and confused scores of modern diseases continue to increase even though so much science exists that show these maladies could be abated... Continue Reading →

If You Think Celery is Boring, Think Again!

March is National Celery Month and so we take time to highlight this vegetable that seems so utilitarian but was once a symbol of wealth for the likes of the Astors and Vanderbilts. It was prized throughout history, from the ancient world through the Renaissance and into the Industrial Revolution. You may very well consider... Continue Reading →

The World Doubles Down on Fresh Produce

Sales of fresh produce around the world more than doubled in the last three years according to a new industry report. In 2015 Fruit Logistica, the world's largest trade fair for fruits and vegetables, reported that worldwide sales topped two trillion euros. In 2018 that number rose to almost five trillion euros.   But does... Continue Reading →

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