The Reigning Super Bowl Star Not Named Tom Brady: The Avocado

One Hundred Million. That’s the enormous number associated with the Super Bowl, America’s yearly ritual with its favorite sport, football. Yes, that is the number of people watching (plus about 20 million more) but it’s also the number of pounds of avocados that the viewers eat during the game (plus about 30 million more). How…

The Multi-Eyed, No Horn, Non Flying, Purple Cancer Eater

“When you eat from the rainbow…,” Vanamala says, “we are not providing just one compound, we are providing a wide variety of compounds, thousands of them, that work on multiple pathways and causes self destruction of cancer stem cells.”

How Many Veggies a Day to Keep the Grim Reaper Away?

Is it three, four, five or ten servings of fresh fruit and veggies a day to ensure a longer life? Researchers seem to conflict with their findings but when you actually add it up, it’s pretty much the same.

Something Ugly is Spreading in the Fruit and Veggie Kingdom

If you are a foodie and have your social media feeds set to get news about anything to do with fresh fruits and vegetables, you have probably witnessed some very ugly posts over the past couple of years. Gross, distorted and repulsive are some of the words used to describe the images that have spewed…

Want to Lose Weight and Feel Better? Then Ditch the Fad Diets

The secret to weight loss and healthy diet is that there is no secret. Your mother’s advice, “Eat Your Vegetables!” is still the predominant wisdom when it comes to eating right. There’s no magic weight-loss pill or new undiscovered combination of superfoods that will replace her emotional plea. The latest research continues to point out…