Turmeric: A Super Spice

Turmeric is an ancient plant – it was domesticated over 4,000 years ago and has been used since as a medicine, dye, and skin care product

The Roots of Nutrition

They are ugly and boring. Dirt clings to them and their deformities abound. Next to beautiful strawberries or a shiny apple they will get no notice.But these ugly, misshapen inhabitants of the underground, heroes of healthy eating known as root vegetables, will brighten up a cold night's meal. Whose idea was it to take the first... Continue Reading →

Happy National Avocado Day!

Avocados work miracles for our bodies in so many ways. You probably have already heard they are the "good kind of fat" but here's a list of other things they can do for you and it's not just on your insides. Avocados are one of the healthiest foods on the planet. They are also probably... Continue Reading →


May is National Salad Month in the United States. It's great that we can celebrate the rise in popularity of these delicious creations. Almost everyone today recognizes the health benefits of salads made with fresh greens and other veggies. But for nearly two millennia that wasn't the case at all. In fact, the prevailing wisdom... Continue Reading →

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